We believe that birth is a profound rite of passage and that it is indeed a sacred space. This sacred space should be protected and nurtured. Sacred Space doulas are mentored to recognize this space and to discover how to best protect and nurture it as well as the parents in it. Sacred space doulas know and believe that birth belongs to the mother who is bringing her unborn child into the world. She will assist the mother and partner to completely own and cherish this time. Sacred space doulas will hold the space whilst allowing the experiences to unfold.

the kirbys

Training has been provided for all those that wished to hold this space for parents as they unfold into new, strong family units. Each candidate is mentored through her training so that when she completes her certification she is confident and assured of offering only the best she is capable of.

Sacred Space doulas are encouraged to explore other aspects connected to their field of interest and to continuously broaden their horizons and viewpoints. Each Sacred Space doula makes a commitment first to herself then to those parents that engage her services to provide accurate and unbiased information so as to empower herself and those she is serving.
If a Sacred Space doula feels she is not living her commitment she is able to turn to other experienced doulas for mentoring and advice. There will always be someone to hold a Sacred Space doulas hand as she hold the hand of others she assists.

Sacred Space doulas experience first hand from the training through certification the same level of commitment and dedication that is expected of them with their clients.

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