We are here to hold your hand so you can hold her hand


Mentoring is an age old tradition and one that suits the training of doulas. It is about one person (usually a more experienced person) helping another to achieve something that is important to them. It is about giving help or advice and support in a non-threatening way, in such a manner that the person being mentored appreciates and values. Through mentorship each doula will be empowered to move forward with confidence towards what she wants to achieve. In a mentoring relationship an informal environment is created in which one person can feel encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances openly and in confidence with another person who is in a position to be of positive help to them.

In this atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding true growth can be achieved. Sacred Space believes that each doula is only as strong as her own support structure. Building a successful doula practice is dependent on the base from which it is grown. Sacred Space Doula Training is designed with this in mind. We want doulas to be supported and to give the support back out to others.

Each mentorship relationship is designed specifically to suits the doulas involved in it. A training doula will be allocated a experienced doula mentor and together they will work out the terms of their commitment. There is further support for Sacred Space doulas on a specially designed discussion board that will encourage doulas from all over South Africa to get to know one another and share their experiences, ask for advice and exchange wisdom.

For each doula there is a doula to support her.

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